About Us

We are Erika and Peter, an Indian Muslim couple living in the United States. Over the years, we have opened up our marriage and enjoyed swinging, hotwifing, and cuckolding. 

I was always a relatively free spirit sexually, by Indian standards. I had sex with boyfriends in high school. At that time, premarital sex was unusual for teenage girls in India, especially Muslim girls. Fortunately, times have changed in India, and teenage girls and young women are now free to enjoy their sexuality before getting married. Also, among married couples in their twenties, thirties, and forties, extramarital sex is becoming acceptable in some circles in India, Pakistan, and expatriate communities.

About 15 years after marrying Peter, I had a couple of affairs without his knowledge. We had a difficult time after he found out. Over time, however, we realized that it was important for us to incorporate extramarital sex into our lives. Peter searched online and recruited an experienced British-born man of Indian origin, Fred, to be my first “bull.”

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